Improv-A -GRAM


Improv-A-Grams are personalized 10 minute improv shows for your guest of honor! Imagine, just another day at the office when suddenly you hear bells clanging and two people shouting, "Where's Dave in accounting!?? We are looking for DAVE…IN ACCOUNTING!" Once Dave is found he's made to sit down for a personalized improv show just for him! Hudson Valley Improv performers ask Dave for suggestions and play a game for him. Then with a bow and a burst of confetti, they are gone! Dave feels amazing. The office is stunned. Then, it's back to business as usual…or is it? Perfect for parties, offices, your mom! We will even show up at someones doorstep and do your Improv- A -Gram!

what to expect

Each Improv-A-Gram is customized to your event or location. Be it an office, party or doorstep, each Improv-A-Gram consists of a boisterous introduction by our players. After that they will ask the recipient for a specific suggestion for a game. Then, the game begins. Don't worry! We won't make the recipient be in the game. Though we may ask them to ring a buzzer or bell if the game requires it. At the end, we bow, toss some confetti and disappear.

technical requirements & more

We require at least a 10 x 10 space to perform. Also a chair for your guest of honor to sit in during our performance. Nothing else technically except a safe, receptive environment. We would like to not be arrested or escorted out for being disruptive. We are loud and will attract an audience.


Rates vary depending on location of event:

  • Prices vary for a 10-15 minute experience.
  • Price includes initial consultation,  performers, show, travel expense & potential props ad costumes. 

Email us for an exact quote. 

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