Our Community

Our Own Brand of Madness

Hudson Valley Improv creates fearless performers and creators. People who come in saying a whole lot of, "I can't..." very quickly realize we don't speak that language.  As a result, we have always attracted a wide span of people from all backgrounds and professions who have the willingness and open hearts to not only learn how to say YES, but encourage each other to do the same. The result? A diverse, fearless, supportive crew who have the same training and share a similar mad scientist mentality and willingness to create great performances. 

Monday Night Jam & Gel

Monday nights are magic and HVI. Each week a select Team comprised of former students and fellow performers meet for a Jam & Gel. These sessions are 100% dedicated to the further development of original shows and the further growth of the team members. The night begins member run improv practice sessions and end with creative breakout sessions where they collaborate as artists and develop creative ideas together for games, shows & whatever else they  want to do. This is a very special team that consists of stand-out graduates of our performance track classes who have been asked to join our little hive.


Alumni Shows & Productions

Several of our grads and current students produce shows all over the Hudson Valley.  We love to help spread the word and love it even more when our gang works together to fill the Hudson Valley with more live performance opportunities. 


We promote each others work. We show up at shows. We help each other practice. We refer each other. What can we say? It's a community of people who met and established our friendships through playing games. It's pretty awesome. Join us!