HUDSON VALLEY IMPROV offers a variety of improv classes for the beginner, regular and professional performer. We also offer specialized classes in acting and stand-up comedy. Classes for Adults and Kids are on our Class Schedule Page. All based in HVI method of deep ensemble work and audience interaction, adult students can choose to incorporate a regular improv class as a way of life or take this up a notch and perform. It's really up to the individual. The classes are small and catered to the participants.

Core Training Classes


Core Class/ Non-Performance 

This is the "gym" of our improv method. You know nothing? You start here. You know everything and want to know more and get deeper? You come here. Join us and dive deep into your natural ability to play games and  pretend AGAIN! Our work is an original approach to improv which is designed in a very approachable way so it's accessible to ANYONE, not just actors.

Improv Empowerment is where it begins. Small classes, lots of focus, and lots of laughing! But at Hudson Valley Improv its not about being funny, its about being free! All Experience Levels WelcomeAll students must take this class at least once before passing onto a performance related class. 

"Passing"is required to move onto performance classes. In this class you will learn the nuts and bolts of comedy improvisation, Meisner technique and philosophy, brush up your acting and communication skills, and learn  techniques to loosen up and think quickly at work, and play. 

The class is designed to teach deep ensemble work through short-form improv games. Students often take this class more than once to continue learning craft and tools to support their work as an improvisor and creative person. This class is designed for all experience levels and will provide plenty of opportunity to work out individually as well as in a group.

**Prior improv experience is not necessary, but you must be willing to jump right in!**

Core Class/ Non-Performance 

The mission of Hudson Valley Improv Youth Training Improv is to provide a freeing and creative yet professional improvisation class for kids who are really into comedy. If your kid watches improv on TV and LOVES It, this is the class for them. Give us your kid and let us empower them from the toes up. We are all connected to our inner kid and have every intention of helping your kid bust into themselves. This multi-week course will teach your kid acting technique, warm ups, team work, listening techniques, problem solving and more! SO what are you waiting for? Seriously! Read More About Youth Training at HVI


This is the 4 hour improv intensive that will put you in the full swing of the art of improv in just one class! These classes are jam packed with theatre warm-ups, Meisner technique, short form improv, long form improv, sense memory and character development. No experience necessary! Just come in ready to take it all in and do things you never imagined you could do before. The classes are taught twice a  year in NYC and can be brought into almost any environment across the USA. Want us to come to you? We can!


Core Class/ Non-Performance/Beginner
We are thrilled to bring this opportunity to the budding comedians of the Hudson Valley. In the class you will start to explore what it would be like to be a stand-up comic. This is a very supportive class that incorporates our empowerment philosophy into the beginning processes of you learning how to write material AND find your stand up identity. Final performance not required, but if you want to our students are invited to perform in a popular open mic in Kingston.

Advanced Performance Training

Audience connection is the other important half of our training at Hudson Valley Improv. Even if you NEVER thought you'd step onto a stage in your entire life, we hope you will!


​Advanced/Performance Track

You know the basics from the Improv Empowerment Workshop and now you're ready to learn how to do this in front of an audience. In this class you will deepen your skills as a performer and learn more about structure of games & audience payoff. This is where audience becomes a major piece of your improv puzzle and glue that pulls it all together.


Advanced/Performance Track

Well aren't you fancy? At this point you have a pretty good understanding of improv, you've performed and now you're ready to dial it up a notch. Here we work on figuring out what makes YOU special as a performer and applying it to more advanced games. Here the audience comes into play even more leaving you and your teammates at their mercy for suggestions. Sound fun? It is.


Advanced/Performance Track

This is our final level of improv training. This class seals the deal and reinforces all you have learned at HVI. You're close knit group will rehearse for your GRADUATION show to perform for all of your friends in a jazzed club. Yeah- this is where it gets real. REAL real. Can you dig it?

**Students who complete Level 3 may be offered a spot on our pro Improv Company and will have the opportunity to perform in our live shows and explore other options including teaching and directing.***