It's not about being funny. It's about being free!

Samantha Jones

Founder of Hudson Valley Improv

Who Are We?

Hudson Valley Improv primarily offers classes, private workshops and live shows in improvisation.  We teach adults and teens. Our method of improv is based in in a method evolved by Samantha Jones called Improv Empowerment. Her method involves personal empowerment and a unique blend of actor training techniques we find imperative for a skilled improvisor. 

After teaching her method in NYC for over 20 years, Samantha Jones moved to the Hudson Valley and founded Hudson Valley Improv Training Center.  Once word spread, our classes were filled with curious people from all backgrounds. "I've always wanted to take an improv class!" became a regular saying around here, and we were thrilled to bring that opportunity to our students.  

As time marched on, many of our students had a desire to perform and that's when our Advanced Track was born.  After completing solid base training in our Improv Empowerment course, students now had the option to move into Level 1 Performance Training. February 2016 marked the completion of our first Graduating class from Level 3 . The program is currently expanding to include Troupe Level 4.

As you can imagine, there were a handful of people who completed our various levels and wanted more. Many continued to repeat our classes to further their training. We a re not curriculum based. Due to the intuitive nature of our work, each class is customized for the people in it. But in addition to this continued work, this is when our theatre company was born. The company officially closed shop after a successful production of The Truth About Splatter at Art Society of Kingston in June 2019. 


Our work continues to grow. This year we  launched  our Improv Empowermnt Outreach Program, which allows us to raise tax deductible funds so we can take our work outside of our demographic. 

At Hudson Valley Improv we live to play. Won't you join us?

Samantha Jones - Founder/Director
Samantha Jones - Founder/Director