We are four orphans who were adopted and raised by a wealthy recluse whom we knew only as Uncle Titus. Our beloved uncle knew that we were different from other children, and kept us confined to the family mansion, where we subsisted on a diet of vintage films, Mad magazine and horror comics, along with the occasional postal worker. Until the age of sixteen, James could only communicate by playing musical instruments, while Jeremy taught himself to move like a little monkey. Michael, thought to be the most normal of us, has trained an army of rats to do his bidding. As for Alisa, Uncle Titus used to call her the spider. We all treasure our Prince Phillip doll, which we found in the attic hidden away in an old trunk. Why were there so many padlocks on that trunk? Perhaps someone was worried he would be stolen! Philip is so lifelike, you can almost hear him whispering in your ear and telling you all kinds of interesting secrets.

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The Cast

JEREMY FULTON began performing as a teenager studying theater and improv in high school and college with teachers such as Andrea Adler, Nancy Donohue, and Timor Djordjadze. He earned his B.A. in music from Binghamton University studying jazz improvization with Al Hamme. Interests over the years have included lead guitar, martial arts, dance, and trail marathons, activities that require real-time action faster than thought. This proclivity likely led to the random thought to return to improv decades later. Since then Jeremy has been a member of HVI's theater company and performed in The Truth About Splatter and Sticky (nights of immersive short bar plays) while spending days doing physical therapy for patients at a rehab center/nursing home. His sense of humor is informed by an intimate relationship with senile dementia.

ALISA KWITNEY has an MFA in Fiction from Columbia and is a former editor for the Vertigo imprint of DC Comics. She writes novels and graphic novels in various genres, and teaches writing at Manhattanville College, where she will be giving an improv for writers workshop this spring. She recently discovered she has an IMDB page, which lists her credits as 1) A walk on as “Bar Mitzvah boy’s mother” and 2) An appearance as herself on the Anti Gravity Room. Alisa has performed with Hudson Valley Improv in The Truth About Splatter and co-directed last year's Weird Science Valentine's Day Show.

PHILIP MEHL began his acting training at New York City’s LaGuardia School of the Arts, supplementing  his study of instrumental and vocal music since childhood.  He has performed in community theater, television commercials, and had a recurring part on the improv show Live From Off Center. He has sung professionally and has performed  in Carnegie Hall with the St Cecelia Chorus. Also a lover of poetry, Philip conceived, performed in, and directed an original show entitled The Truth About Splatter which had a run in the Hudson Valley.  Philip has been a member/director of  Hudson Valley Improv.  A licensed social worker, Philip provides direct counseling as well a systems work in health care settings. He relies on his husband and 2 daughters for sanity. 

JAMES STEIPP began his acting career in Kingston, NY as Santa Claus in the JFK Elementary School 4th Grade Holiday Play and then immediately retired from acting.  36 years later he "unretired" and joined Hudson Valley Improv’s training program in 2017 and was then invited to join HVI as a company member.  In the years between acting gigs James has been paid to play the Euphonium and has sung in Carnegie Hall several times with Ulster Choral Society and St. Cecila Chorus.  In addition to performing improv with Doctor Ockham’s Curious Shave Balm James has acted in several scripted plays in Sam Jones' Hudson Valley STICKY productions and in HVI's 2018 and 2019 performances of The Truth About Splatter. Never knowing he wanted to act, James is thrilled to discover it’s his true creative outlet. James lives in Saugerties, NY with his amazing wife Jen.

MICHAEL WITHALL was an original company member of Hudson Valley Improv and their first troupe, The Alter Egos.  He has been seen in Half Moon Theatre’s 10-Minute Play Festival, 20-Year Gala, and A Christmas Carol.  He performed and directed for Hudson Valley STICKY short play festival in 2017 and 2018.  He is a company member of The Voice Theatre and recently appeared in their production of All My Sons. He has also worked with The Howl Writer’s Group with their readings and play development. Michael studied Theatre at SUNY New Paltz and received a BFA in Scenic Design.  While studying design and acting, he began performing at the Summer Repertory Theatre “After Show Cabarets”.  He was also a member of The Baker’s Dozen Improv Troupe at SUNY New Paltz, directed by Samantha Jones.