Teen Improv Classes

Hudson Valley Improv offers teen improv classes.  Since our method of Improv Empowerment is so universal, the teens we teach get the same level of training as our adults and eventually advance to performing in an improv comedy show. The great thing about our younger performers is that they are closer to the regular day to day life of someone who plays. So improv feels familiar to them, even if they are nervous at first. 

Many asks why only teens and not younger kids? We have a specific interest in working with teens and teen comedy based on our personal experiences have been teens at one time. To us, teen years are a critical time for us all. We lose a lot of self confidence as we suddenly look like adults but feel like kids in the inside. Our mission is to help teens stay who they are and blossom into grown-ups without compromise. 

Our teachers create a supportive and creative environment so every kid feels free to get loose and crazy while learning this incredibly empowering art form. Improv Empowerment taps into teamwork, listening, building confidence, thinking outside of the box, focus and good old fashioned creativity. Not to mention, it ain't on an iPAD! Woo hoo!

To begin each kid signs up for Improv Empowerment for Teens. Once they have completed a minimum of one session of that class, they can be considered for the Advance Performance Level Class for Teens. There are  levels of advanced training we teach to create a complete improvisor. Performance Levels 1. 2 & 3 are combined into an actual Improv Troupe. Depending on which level each kid is, they have different level games and responsibilities in the final show. We combine these levels to support the HUGE level of friendship these kids develop during training. 

Our Teens Live @ The Beverly Lounge, Kingston, NY

Our Teens Live @ The Beverly Lounge, Kingston, NY