Sticky was founded in 2000 by David Marcus and Libby Emmons, in Philadelphia. The story goes that a good friend of theirs was hitting on the bartender at Bar Noir, and invited her to the show the pair, producing under the name Blue Box, was presenting at Second Stage at The Adrienne, down the block on Sansom Street. But the bartender had a broken leg, and the theater was not accessible, so the friend said “they could do a show here!” So Dave and Libby went home, wrote up a proposal, and Sticky was born. In 16 years they have presented over 300 plays.

     Director of Hudson Valley Improv) was lucky enough to perform, write and direct for Sticky in NYC. So when she moved to the Hudson Valley she asked if she could start Hudson Valley Sticky. David and Libby said yes.

​Sticky is a night of short immersive plays that take place in a bar. Jones saw this as an incredible opportunity to feature the local amazing talent of the Hudson Valley

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