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Favorite Improv Coach in NYC  2011

Online Paper for The Wall Street Journal
Jones, a 40-year-old redhead with a laugh that could shake the snow from a mountaintop...Part Tony Robbins, part "self-empowerer," part character name from Sex and the City...
Paul Heibert- The Daily  

Real Estate Investment 
This is not a class, this is your life, being improved with every note Sam gives you.  Because Sam is innately in tune with her students and has a heartfelt investment in their success both personally and professionally. 
Jeff L - Real Estate Investor and College Professor 

Senior Care Facility
Samantha was magical! She had our residents laughing, engaging, and imagining themselves in ways many of them hadn't thought possible anymore. Everyone in that room was a kid again!
Philip Mehl, LMSW, NHA, RAC-CT 

The first moments, shaking the day out to arrive at the present moment, it was clear that this was the right place for me.   
Deborah Field- School Administrator

Adventure Events Company
If you are like me, you have no clue what happens at an improv class. Well trust me, I had a BLAST at my first one.  It’s a series of things that get you just having fun, laughing, moving and screaming… yes screaming!  
Random Events, Inc.

Internet Start Up Company
I am generally a fairly reserved person, but she really got me to break out of my mold and I had a fantastic time throughout the improv session. I highly recommend Samantha! 
Brian Rothenberg-

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Sam! The improv work I have been doing with you has been extraordinary. I am a speaker, trainer, business owner. I was a member of Toast Masters for years, including a contest winner. But the work we do in your room is at a deeper level. I can access my creativity, quick wit and most importantly get out of my head and surrender to the process. This is a hard thing to admit because I have lived my life so well protected - never letting my guard down. But in your improv class I felt safe to really explore the outer reaches of my comfort zone. Thanks for creating this amazing space and bringing your many years of experience plus your acting genius to the Hudson Valley! 
Trista P - Head Human at

Publishing Company
Don't walk, RUN to this amazing class! 
Rachael Platt - RZG Comics

Indie Graphic Designer
Sam is a fantastic instructor. I have taken many courses with her, and feel she probably helped me the most out of any other instructor I ever had, in honing my skills as an improv comedy actor. I am also constantly amazed how well she can turn a complete novice into a near expert. 
Josh Erich - Graphic Designer

Speaker, Author, Business Owner, Executive Career Transition Expert
Samantha just directed my one-woman show "Find Your Inner Glitter with Life Coach Lurlene" to much success. She was there from idea to opening night with a great attitude, sense of humor, amazing ideas, professionalism and even hand-holding! We look forward to working together to see this show grow an audience and create other ones as well. She is reliable, on time, willing to go the extra mile and that means a lot in an industry that can attract many a high-maintenance creative person who won't operate by the rules of business. THAT IS NOT Samantha---she is a true artist but with a great business sense. What a blessing!
Laura Berman Fortgang