We're In A Prickle Now!

A rugged band of adventures searching the temperate jungles of the Hudson Valley for the most elusiv

A rugged band of adventures searching the temperate jungles of the Hudson Valley for the most elusive golden mammal.  After many travel montages and dangerous encounters; Michele fights a bear, Raffaela feeds a village, Beth rides a moose and Patrick gets lost and makes friends with a tree.  Our intrepid heros, using their sharp wit, disregard for boundaries and the power of friendship reach the temple of Vorpmi.  Once inside, they touch the sacred quill transforming them all into something more.


The Cast

RAFFAELA ZACCARIA has always loved to perform.  A local gal, she is a graduate of Wallkill Senior High School and obtained a Master’s of Science in Communication Disorders from SUNY New Paltz.  During her college course of study, Raffaela minored in theater and communication. She also worked as a disc jockey, which satisfied her comedic side.  Raffaela works as a Speech/Language Pathologist in Cornwall, NY while training for the past year with Samantha Jones and Hudson Valley Improv.  She was a cast member in Hudson Valley Improv’s production, The Truth About Splatter, has worked in film locally and appeared as herself in a recent episode of  TV show, The Doctors on CBS. Raffaela feels that Improv is such a valuable experience for all, that she now uses it in therapy with her students and clients and while raising her actress daughter Victoria. 

PATRICK CANINO grew up and around New Paltz, NY. He started acting, improving, and LARPing in high school, and dabbled in these things throughout the years. He studied Human Services and Creative Writing in college and graduated with a BA from SUNY New Paltz. In most of his time, Patrick runs on the four cylinders of work, karate, improv, and D&D. He does social worky things for a living and tries to help where he can. He is an instructor at the New Paltz Karate Academy, where he has a been a student for about two decades. He discovered Hudson Valley Improv one night, and after one of their shows, decided to jump in. And, when time allows, plays D&D because we could all use a little extra adventure in our lives

MICHELE WEINER is a stand-up comedian, improvisor and "culinary courier" by trade. She was born and raised in Kingston, NYOn a whim, she signed up for her first class at HVI and was instantly hooked! She quickly moved up the ranks at HVI and along with her classmates create student house team, POR-Q-PINE. Michele is balls to the wall in her storytelling and team work on stage and her favorite character to play so far is her PLUMBER character which she plays flat on her back under an imaginary sink. 

BETH ZYSBERG, Beth as she's known on her block back in Brooklyn, moved to the Hudson Valley in 2017.  Singing and acting throughout childhood, she followed her foot and studied vocal music at the acclaimed Fame high school in New York City.  After high school, Beth went on to study History at SUNY Potsdam.  While at Potsdam, she continued her study of the arts taking numerous acting classes.  After spending her final semester in college abroad in Valencia, Spain, she came home with a passion for life.  After taking a few years to establish herself at work, she finally found herself taking the plunge and began studying improv at The Peoples Improv Theater (The PIT – NYC) furthering her study of acting.  At age 30, Beth finally got her driver’s license and moved out of NYC to the wonderful world known as the Hudson Valley where she continued her love of improv, studying at the Hudson Valley Improv where she is now a founding member of one of the first house teams: Por-Q-Pine.