Kids Improv & School Programs

Hudson Valley Improv offers customized kids improv training for ages 6 and up through high school. We are have programs for teachers and administration.   

The great thing about our younger performers is that they are closer to the regular day to day life of someone who plays. So improv feels familiar to them, even if they are nervous at first. 

Programs for teachers and administration are great ways to refuel your staff plus spark ideas for the classroom. Improv for schools looking to find creative ways to teach and communicate should contact us for more information.

We teach both private classes in our studios as well as creating customized programs for schools and camps based on budget and ages. 

Our teachers create a supportive and creative environment so every participant feels free to get loose and crazy while learning this incredibly empowering art form. 

Our Teens Live @ The Beverly Lounge, Kingston, NY
Our Teens Live @ The Beverly Lounge, Kingston, NY