Hudson Valley Improv produces live shows regularly as well as  improv showcases as part of our Performance Track of classes. Below you will also find shows produced by our students, alumni and colleagues we love!  

March 29th


 "SHADOW QUEENS RISING", a solo show,  transports us to the lives of 6 NYC women, all on the brink of change. Be it divorce, eviction, a struggling hair salon or taking over the Mafia, Ford leaves us laughing, crying and facing our own lives with a newfound courage.
Written and produced by Victoria Ford
Directed by Samantha Jones
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April 6th

Double Header! Two Shows for the Price of One!

Join us for yet another show of pure madness as we throw both our Level 1 & Level 3 improvisors  up on the stage for Level 3's Grad Show as team Ukulele Fistfight! This time they do it all on their own, plays games, host and warm you up!  You will be ready to yell out your suggestions when prompted to!

Level 1 Cast: Beth Zysberg, Cori Nichols, Jessie Zarelli, Michelle Weiner, Bob Leddy, Daniella DeCaro, Patrick Canino,
Raffaela Acampors & Vickie Russell

Level 3 Cast: Carrie Loveland,  Kevin Wadzuk & Marnie Klein

The Beverly Lounge - Kingston, NY

7pm Doors/730 Show

Tickets: $10 Cash at Door

Arrive early and have dinner in the from room of the Beverly! Yum!


November 9th


2nd Annual Holiday Mash-Up

Join us for our 2nd annual Holiday Mash-Up where the students meet the pros for lots of "Ho-Ho-Ho's!"  The twist? The cast has no idea what games they are playing or who they are playing them with! Hosted by Samantha Jones and Michael Withall.

Location tbd

Saturday, November 9th

Doors 7pm/Show 730pm

$5 Cash at the door (small bills please!)

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Video Blog

Who doesn't love a video that embraces exactly how we look when we wake up in the morning? Trista Polo is the host. Trista has been performing with us for years and is the creator of the show Larger Than Life, Each week she does new videos filled with all kinds of cool, interesting, empowering and positive stuff!


Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

I Woke Up This Way and It's Awesome is a video series about being yourself, loving yourself and exposing yourself (your vulnerability that is!). Join host, Trista Polo, for new videos each week. We'll tell the truth, tell some secrets and tell it like it is.

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Stand-Up Open Mic

We love this show! It's literally SUCH a supportive stand-up open mic, which is super duper rare. This its produce by Kevin Wadzuk/Funny Boned Productions. We love Keven! He's in our Performance Track of classes. 


Have you dreamed of being a comedian? Are you a seasoned comic looking to work on new material? Maybe you just think you're kind of funny and want to try it in front of an audience. 

Getting good usually starts with being bad. Stand Up Suckfest offers a place it's OK to suck and work on getting better. Think of it as an audience full of your mom - if she actually liked you and thought you had potential. 

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